General Admission Questions

Do you charge for Parents to watch?

                No. We are happy you are here! Note: Occasionally charitable organizations that host fundraisers will charge every person (adult or child).  On regular skate sessions, there is no charge for Parents unless you are skating. 

If my friends are coming to skate, do I need to pay if I’m only going to hang out?

                Everyone entering (with the exception of parents watching their children) must pay admission and skate rental.  We don’t allow anyone to “just hang out”.  We are an all skate facility.  Meaning everyone (except parents) must have skates on.

Rental Skates

What size skates do you rent?

                Regular rental skates from Juvenile size 7 to Adult size 15

                Inline Rental Skates from Child size 1 to Adult 13


Can I bring my own skates?

                Yes. We allow all kinds of regular roller skates and inline skates after being inspected by staff.


Do you sell skates and equipment?

                Yes! You can order skates in our skating facility or visit the online skate shop at


Roller Skating


If my child doesn’t skate well, can I walk on the floor to assist him/her?

                During public skating sessions, parents are allowed to assist children as long as they remain as the rail.  Also for the younger children, we do have training skates available.




What forms of payment do you allow?

                Cash, Visa, Discover and Mastercard


Can I pay with a check?

                Sorry, we do not accept personal checks.


Can I bring in food from the outside?

                The only outside food we allow during our open skating session is a birthday cake or cupcakes if you have reserved the party room.  No, other outside food is allowed




Do you sell Gift Certificates?

                Yes, they can be purchased anytime the office is open or during public skate sessions.




Can I rent Skateland Privately?

                Yes! We offer private events on select days of the week and anytime we are not open to the public.


How far in advance do I need to make a party reservation?

                We require at least 1 week notice.


Can I bring Candy/Treat Bags for my guest?

                Yes, you may bring gift bags however, you may not give them to your guest until they are leaving the facility. 


Is there a deposit require to book a party?

               You must pay the entire amount at the time of your booking 


Can we bring decorations?

                Yes, you may bring decorations with a private party and we can allow you to come in approx.. 15 minutes before your scheduled time.  However, with a public party, the party room is already set up when your guest are called to go to the room for refreshment and you are only allotted 45 minutes in the room.  Therefore, you will not have time to set up and take down decorations.